Adna café

We played at Café Adna in Budapest with Zsófi. The place was created by the Reformed church, they wanted  to give the opportunity to have fun without drinking alcohol for young people and for  addicts who want to stay clean. That’s why they don’t sell alcoholic drinks, instead they have very good fruit juices and handmade cakes.  We really like this initiative, we hope that it will be succsessful. 🙂 István Ábel made some nice photos of the event.


June, 2015

My beginner students sent me a surprise before their exam. They were practicing at home without me and recorded their pieces for the chamber music exam with a mobile phone. I was very happy, when I checked my mail 🙂 You can watch the video here. They are playing Hungarian folk song arrangements.

Spring, 2015

There was a competition for music school teachers in April. My colleague, Zsófia Klimászné Varga and I took part in this competition, we didn’t win, but it was fun and useful, because we are planning to work together in the future. Before the competition we had some concerts, this one took place in my former elementary school. I like to play there and my former teachers are happy that I’m going, in addition, some of my students study here. I think it is imoprtant to bring classical music to the children. Often their parents don’t show them this part of our culture. It’s a pity, because children seem to like it.

April, 2014

Every year some people gets a prize called The Medallion ‘For Budatétény’. Budatétény is the place where I live in Budapest. These people who get the medallion have done something great for Budatétény’s culture, environment or people. It was a pleasure to play for them.


It’s always a great experience to sing Bach’s St. John’s Passion. It was the 4th time for me. The church is always full but no clapping in the end, indstead the preacher says blessings.

Opening of an exhibition in the memory of László Drégely, where an actor an one of my students read the poems of the artist and I played the music. László Drégely was a Hungarian painter an scene-designer.