My name is Anikó Juhász, I live in Budapest, Hungary. I started playing the guitar at the age of 17. First I wanted to play rock music but when I heard J. S. Bach’s lute suite in c minor I felt that I want to play this kind of music. I went to Béla Bartók Conservatory where I was András Csáki’s student. At the University of Pécs and Vienna Konservatorium Budapest I studied with Sándor Szilvágyi. I got my diploma in 2013 as a guitar teacher and conductor. I’m teaching since 2008, I have experince in private teaching and as a music school teacher as well.

It is important for me to continue developing my skills in playing and teaching. I participated masterclasses with Marcyn DyllaZoran DukicPetra PolackovaFabio ZanonPaul GlabraithVladimir GorbachAlvaro PierriJudicael PerroyIrina Kulikova, etc.

There are a lot of tutorial videos on the internet. This can be useful and interesting, but private live guitar lessons give something more. This kind of education is very personal, you always get instant feedback, the lessons are personally designed for you, for your personality, manual abilities and schedule. We can work exactly with what you need.

What do you need to start?

You need a Skype account, good internet connection and a good quality web camera and a microphone.

For more details you can contact me. If you’re interested, write me a message. I’m available via Skype, email, or you can write me from this website (see Contact menu).

Before you decide to take lessons we can speak through Skype and try out the technical equipment. If you decide to start, I send a link with the schedule in a personal message, here you can reserve the lessons. I work from Budapest, Hungary, so  if you are on the other part of the world, and if you prefer unusual times of the day, it may be interesting for you.

Payment is via Paypal. The price depends on the type and length of lessons. We can discuss your choice personally.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.